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  • Corona Probe
    • 모델명 : Corona Probe
    • 제조사 : IRIS POWER
    • 원산지 : Canada
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제품특징 제품사양 자료실      

The Iris Power Corona ProbeTM Model PPM-97 is a portable, battery operated instrument for off-line detection of partial discharge in rotating machinery. The instrument, with its ferrite probe, is designed to measure partial discharge pulses. The corona probe test is a valuable aid for detecting the presence of abnormal partial discharges in stator winding insulation. It is one of the best tools for pinpointing the exact location of PD activity within the core sections of a stator winding.
The Iris Power PPM-97 Corona Probe supplements on-line PD measurements by more precisely locating the PD to a particular slot and position, with thewinding energized phase-by-phase using a high voltage AC source. Alternatively, it can be used as a stand-alone PD test for locating activity in the winding where no other PD information is available.

제품특징 제품사양 자료실      

​Bandwidth : 0.5 – 10 MHz

Ranges : ​10 / 30 / 100 / 300 / 1000 mA Peak and Battery Check

​Effect of Battery Voltage : Reading decreases approximately 10% as the battery output drops from 9V to 7V.

                                                 The instrument  will operate satisfactorily if the battery voltage is >6V

​Dimensions (meter only) : 9cm x 15.5cm x 4.5cm

Weight (meter only) : ​445 g

Probe Length : ​91cm

Input Connection : ​BNC receptacle

Ground Connection : ​Metal 5-way binding post