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  • DRA
    • 모델명 : DRA
    • 제조사 : IRIS POWER
    • 원산지 : Canada
제품특징 제품사양 자료실      

The dielectric response analyzer is used for off-line insulation diagnosis for generators and motors and is also applicable to transformers. It measures the charging and discharging currents (also called polarization and depolarization currents or PDC) of the winding of stator or rotor insulation. The resulting measurement provides information on the condition of machine insulation, such as, cleanliness, ageing, resin decomposition and resin cure.
The PDTech DRA-3 System allows you to connect all three phases and the ground at one time. The phases are measured sequentially step by step, without any interaction from test personnel. The measurement steps are automatically controlled and stored by a computer connected to the instrument.
The PDTech DRA-3 System also allows the possibility to measure all three phases together to ground, each phase separately and between the phases. Once data is stored, it can be analyzed by the evaluation program in order to get a complete report of the measurement including standard parameters such as insulation resistance, polarization index, etc.



제품특징 제품사양 자료실      


​Input Voltage : Universal 90 to 240 VAC

Voltage Supply for Notebook : ​Same as input voltage (galvanically insulated)

Warning Light : ​Connector for warning light, indicating a high voltage is present

High Voltage : ​Integrated floated DC high voltage source, up to 10 kV, preset voltages 0.5, 1, 2.4, 5 and 10 kV, 1 mA

High Voltage Control : ​Integrated 10 kV Reed relay controlled with Digital I/O PC card

Shunt for Current Measurement : ​1 MΩ

Current Measurement Range : ​1 mA to 0.1 nA, resolution 1 pA