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    • 모델명 : SWA
    • 제조사 : IRIS POWER
    • 원산지 : Canada
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The Iris Power SWATM instrument allows maintenance personnel to easily and effectively  assess the tightness of stator wedges in motors or generators. If the wedges are loose, this may allow stator coils or bars to vibrate in the slot, leading to insulation abrasion and a ground fault. Electronic measurement and storage enables easy and accurate trending of wedge tightness data from test to test.
Stator wedges are traditionally tested for tightness by tapping them with a hammer and listening to the sound produced. This method is slow and prone to inconsistency. Electronic wedge tightness  evaluation is faster, more accurate and provides more consistent results. The Iris Power SWA instrument can be used to test most types of generator and motor stator slot wedges, including those with ripple springs.



제품특징 제품사양 자료실      


Power Supply : 90-132/180-264V, 50/60Hz​

​Hand-held Probe Dimensions : Width - 25mm (1”), Height - 160mm (6-1/4”), Length - 145mm (5-3/4”)

​Minimum Wedge : Width 10mm (0.4”)

​Minimum Wedge : Length 50mm (2.0”)

Slot Depth Adjustment : 0mm - 20mm (10mm - 25mm wide), 0mm - 60mm (>25mm wide)
​Connection Cable Length :15m (50’)

​Weight (Entire Kit) : 25 kg (55 lb)

Operating Temperature : +10° to +40°C (+50° to +104°F)​