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  • PDAlert Bantam
    • 모델명 : PD Alert
    • 제조사 : IRIS POWER
    • 원산지 : Canada
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The Iris Power PDAlert Bantam instrument enables the measurementof partial discharge (PD) current pulses in insulation systems energized by voltage impulses from “surge testers” that have impulse risetimes as short as 100 ns. Conventional power frequency PD detectors cannot be used for such PD measurements since the interference from the impulse will overwhelm any PD current pulses. The Iris Power PDAlertBantam instrument was specifically engineered to measure PD in motor stator windings, wind turbine generator rotor windings, filter inductors, transformers and inverter drive output modules that can experience short risetime voltage impulses from inverters. The Iris Power PDAlert Bantam instrument is a PD detector that uses a directional electromagnetic coupling technique to sense PD while strongly suppressing the voltage impulse. It is classed as an “antenna-type” of PD detection system by IEC Technical Specification 61934. The Iris Power PDAlert Bantam instrument is a passive device, requiring no 50/60 Hz power supply.

제품특징 제품사양 자료실      


• Metal enclosure with locking carrying handle
• Mass: 7 kg
• Dimensions: 16 cm x 35 cm x 42 cm
• Impulse voltage input and output: “banana” plug connectors on the rear panel
• BNC connections for the scope trigger and PD outputs on the front panel PARTIAL DISCHARGE DEVICE
• PDAlert PDIV>5000 V• Minimum sensitivity: 10 mV MAXIMUM VOLTAGE INPUTS
• Impulse: 5 kV
• 50/60 Hz AC: 690 V 

• Scope Trigger : actual voltage impulse divided by 2000, into a 50 Ω load
• PD output : drives 50 Ω load