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  • Circulators / Insulators
    • 제조사 : AFT
    • 원산지 : Germany
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Controlled impulse power protects from surprises

Microwave circulators by AFT excel by two essential performance characteristics.

They cause small insert losses and offer a high insulation.

As non-reciprocal directional conductors they fulfill important and multiple functions within microwave systems.

  1. Insulator: Protection of a microwave source (transmitter or amplifier)
  2. Duplexer: Transmission-receive switch in a RF frontend, especially for the radar technology

From integrated circulator on a thin film substrate (available in bonded execution and as SMD circulator

to be soldered non-leaded) over coaxial components up to the biggest and

most powerful waveguide circulators world-wide for science and research:

We realize configurations like the standard 3-gate circulator or for 

especially high performance demand the 4-gate differential phase shifter circulator.

Our insulators benefit from perfect tuning of circulators with our reliable microwave absorbers.

This precise unit is the basis for its successful use.

Our specialists develop and produce custom-made circulators and insulators,

which fit the concrete demands of customers and projects. 



제품특징 제품사양 자료실