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  • Absorber
    • 모델명 : Absorber
    • 제조사 : AFT
    • 원산지 : Germany
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We supply intelligent solutions for the efficient use of absorbers.

At AFT microwave highest performance is that what counts. We adequately adapt this demand to our high-quality products.

The sophisticated microwave and thermal design of the absorbers, developed by us, ensures reliable operation and a long working life.

The robust absorbers offer a low permanent wave relation and at the same time high power stability

with top efficiency in the MW field and continuous-wave operation up to several 100 kW.

Either frequency, power or interface ? we realize microwave absorbers in correspondence with demands in the following configurations:

Water absorber
The microwave is absorbed by water or by a glycol water mixture. For high performance there results dissipation heat

which will be dissipated by the medium water.We normally employ water absorbers in waveguide or

coaxial line technology and adapt them to narrow band application. This technique allows compact construction.

Ferrite absorber
In a waveguide or a coaxial line the microwave is absorbed by means of a lossy ferrite ceramic.

This elegant solution developed by us offers a lot of advantages: Ferrite absorbers are in a position to absorbe microwaves in a broadband way,

they are highly stable with regard to temperature and dispose of an excellent permanent performance.

Depending on the performance the dissipation heat is lead off by means of a air- or water-cooled casing.

Since the water is completely decoupled from the microwave section this results in further advantages.

Microwave absorption is independent from the consistence and quality of the liquid cooling medium ?

the component is service-free and especially robust with regard to high top performances.

Thin film resistances
Integrated microwave circuits with a performance of about 10W require the use of special resistances.

For this purpose we develop and produce metallic thin film resistances on ceramic substrates like Al2O3 and AIN.

Compact construction results from the high termal conductivity of the substrates and of the design of adapted microwave structures.  




제품특징 제품사양 자료실