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  • Phase shifter
    • 모델명 : Phase shifter
    • 제조사 : AFT
    • 원산지 : Germany
제품특징 제품사양 자료실      

Our well thought-out phase shifters offer perfect control

Especially for high performances ferrites are outstanding as functional material for electronically controlled phase shifters,

since they react in an extremely low-loss way.

So microwave characteristics of a ferrite can be controlled in an excellent way by variation of the static premagnetization field.

This variation allows continuous or digital control of the microwave phase.

Our specialists develop methods in correspondence with the project specifications and combine them with adequate ferrites.

This procedure allows development and production of low-loss microwave phase shifters,

which are extremely reliable with respect to performance and only require little switching time.

Depending on the performance class we employ phase shifters for waveguide and coaxial line technology or we use them as compact (micro-)stripline.

On request we also supply the pertinent driver electronics.

Example: Digital Latching phase shifter in waveguide technology with driver electronics 




제품특징 제품사양 자료실