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  • Passive components, modules and subsystems
    • 모델명 : Passive components, modules and subsystems
    • 제조사 : AFT
    • 원산지 : Germany
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For each application and each conversion the right product
Our product range includes mainly high power components and subsystems in waveguide and coaxial line technique:

  • waveguide transitions
  • magic T's
  • 3-dB hybride couplers
  • directional couplers with high directivity
  • mechanical controllable phase shifters
  • attenuators, power variators
  • amplitude phase modulators respectively I-Q-modulators and much more

Beyond that we also use our concepts for small performances in integrated microwave circuits.

They can be found on ceramic substrates in microstrip transmission line and coplanar line technology.

Integration in hybride microwave modules can also be effected without any problems. 




제품특징 제품사양 자료실